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Planting fruit trees at CDN GUATEMALA

In the summer of 2010 Solace created Casa de Niños (CDN), located in Independencia, Mallacatan Guatemala. CDN is a locally run Solace supported orphanage home to fifteen vulnerable children. In addition, families that are over burdened, mostly single mothers come to CDN for help.

Education is the Key to Survival

Once a child arrives, they are provided with a place to sleep, schools supplies and uniforms, personal needs, home cooked meals and a medical exam provided by local volunteer doctors. Changing age-old traditions is difficult, but the results can make it all worthwhile – this means education is the key to survival for most of these orphans and all children are required to attend school.

Children making bread at CDN

With all projects, Solace works to ensure that each project is linked to an income generating business. To help keep the orphanage self-sustainable, Solace planted vegetable gardens, fruit trees, and also built an on-site bakery to feed the children and offset costs.  The children and caretakers are taught how to make bread and pasteries. Surplus breads are sold as profit and we happy to report that CDN has become a popular “pequeño bakery”.

Clean Water is a Luxury

Many Guatemala residents do not have access to running water and most families must fetch any water they need from a public washing station. The public water supply, which is neither filtered nor disinfected, runs dry by the early afternoon.Basic human needs — clean water and sanitation — go unmet for many Guatemalan families. To help provide safe clean water for the children at CDN Solace built two 20,000-liter rainwater-harvesting tanks to capture water during the rainy season – which is about 3-4 months long.

Study time at CDN

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