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Solace's Fair Wage Women's Project, Cali, Colombia

A commitment to empower women is embedded in Solace International’s core values for sustainable development. Through hard work and innovation, each woman secures her rightful place in the family, community, the marketplace and the world.

As in any country, jobs determine where people go, and Colombia is no different. The country’s third-largest city, Cali, has one of Colombia’s fastest-growing economies due to its involvement in the textile, sugar and coffee industries. Jobs in these sectors annually attract tens of thousands of Colombians to Cali, and this massive influx of people has led to ramshackle “invasion” communities springing up on the outskirts of the urban center.

Solace International’s staff visited one such “invasion” community, which consisted of 150 families – mostly single mothers (some under the age of 16) and their children.

Colombia Women's Project

Daisy, a single mother with five children, serves on a seven-person council for one of these shanty communities. She has lived in Cali for 15 years, has no husband and has no way to pay rent and bills.  Her home consists of a dirt floor, while the walls and roof are made of collected materials. The toilet is outside, and the waste goes straight into the river, as it does from other area homes. Though she’d like to move, Daisy has nowhere else to go.

What Daisy needs most is a job and financial stability, which could ultimately help move her family into a better home. To that end, Solace has launched a Colombian branch of its Cottage Industry Project that involves her and many other “invasion” community women making inexpensive sustainable hand-crafted necklaces and bracelets.

Profits from the sale of these items will help pay for sanitation improvements for the community, as well as provide better housing for those living there. 


To purchase Fair Wage Colombia items please contact Nate York at 520.270.5916 or email

Fair Wage Items, Cali, Colombia. Currently, Solace has a variety of items for sale.Nate York at

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