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Join/Pay for CSA  Lake Worth

Join CSA in Lake Worth, Florida here today.


Solace International, Inc’s farm project in Lake Worth, Florida is off and running. We are now offering weekly CSA to area residents. If you would like to take part in our bounty and in supporting our project please join now by clicking on the “Donate Now” button and choosing either to visit the site each week making “one time” donations of $20 or choosing to set up your monthly recurring donation for *$80 through our secure system.

For regular updates on what is on offer please visit our FaceBook page and like us at:

You can email, text or call us at  ~  520-270-5916

*$80 monthly CSA deal only to those who set up automatically recurring monthly payments. You get free weeks over the course of a year with this great price!


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  1. Nate,
    What wonderful fresh organic foods you offer! The free-range chickens are so happy and well fed . . . walking around with Lacheen (sp?) was both fun and educational. And, of course, Minnie was a love; with her intelligent eyes.
    I am so glad you are creating context for health and wellness.

  2. It is such a delight to recieve my box of farm fresh produce each week! The veggies amd eggs are most delish! Thank you for all your hard work cultivating fresh grown food pesticide free.

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