We embrace the simple idea of giving families and communities a source of income rather than short-term relief.

Solace’s Mission Is…

To integrate education and economic opportunity at the community level to those who are in need.

Solace’s Goal Is…

To provide the infrastructure, planning, management and design that helps communities find solutions to their own problems of poverty, disease and lack of education.

Solace’s Vision Is…

To develop truly sustainable projects through income generation, community support, and a focus on solutions instead of handouts.

Solace staff passes out school supplies in Afghan classroom



We choose and design our projects by fostering genuine relationships within the communities where we work.  Solace does not impose a standard model of development. Instead, we collaborate to find solutions to oftentimes complex and deep-rooted problems.

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Nate York, Executive Director

Nate York, Executive Director and founder of Solace International
Nate York’s exposure to humanitarian aid and international travel began at a young age. Nate grew up in East Asia the son of missionaries. His exposure to poverty, environmental destruction and lack of educational opportunities for women molded him into the driven, passionate person he is today. In 1995 during the height of the Bosnian, war he traveled to the Balkans to volunteer with an international aid organization directing supplies for U.N. operations. In early 2002 Nate traveled to Northern Afghanistan and worked with a program distributing educational supplies for U.N.I.C.E.F. Returning to the U.S. later the same year, Nate completed his BA in Liberal Studies from Alaska Pacific University. On campus, he organized a team of supporters and raised funds to build two schools for girls in Afghanistan. With momentum from the completion of these schools, he founded Solace International. Nate’s passion for helping people has served him all his life and it and it has shaped and inspired all those who work with Solace.

Michelle Winston, Administrator, Nepal Project Director

Michelle Winston, Project Director, Solace Cottage Industry Program
Michelle Winston has traveled the world.  Her love of fashion, design and all things exotic lead her to Asia where she worked as a fashion designer and buyer.  She then joined Solace and combined her design background with her other passion and skill – international aid work. Michelle traveled to Afghanistan to work with women in the northern province of Jawjan – launching Solace’s first cottage industry program. Her projects employed over 500 women in several villages. Michelle has a natural talent and ability to connect meaningfully with village women –  despite cultural and logistical challenges. Combing her people and fashion skills Michelle is now the Project Director in Nepal.  Michelle oversees all aspects of the Fair Wage Cottage Industry Project.  

Ayub Azizi, Field Director

Ayub Azizi, Field Director
Ayub was born and raised in Kabul, Afghanistan. Because of the dangers posed by the Taliban, Ayub fled with his family to the Northern City of Sheberghan. Ayub joined the Solace team in 2003 and was vital to the success of every Solace project in Afghanistan. In 2007 Ayub and his family moved to Malawi where he became the Field Director for Solace. His tireless work in developing the Solace Mangochi Fish Farm has led to one of the few successful fish production facilities in a country where most other farms – funded into the millions of dollars – have failed.
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