Our History

Handing out school supplies, Afghanistan

Solace was founded in 2002 to respond to the needs of women in Afghanistan with education and economic opportunity.

Our mission was to create community partnerships and to establish self-sustainable economic development in emerging nations. In 2004 we expanded our area of work to Indonesia and Nepal. Once again we focused on setting up micro-businesses and creating educational opportunities by building schools.

In Banda Ache, Indonesia, one of the areas hit hardest by the Tsunami, at the request of the community Solace developed twelve micro-business projects. In and Phaplu Village, Nepal there was a need for a community-based school. The current public school in Phaplu was overcrowded and under-staffed so Solace focused on small class sizes 20-25 students (as opposed to 50+), staffed with highly educated teachers from Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal.

Solace staffer Michelle Winston laying the first stone, Afghanistan

Our work in Afghanistan ended in 2005 when a building moratorium was put in place by the government, ending our ability to develop projects.

Nate York, Solace Executive Director, Malawi

From 2005 until present, Solace International has projects located in Africa, Asia, Central and South America. 

Solace Success Projects

20     Schools
30     Income Generating Businesses
7       Rainwater Harvesting Systems
6       Permaculture Projects
4       Internet Cafés
3       Cottage Industry Projects
2       Orphanages
2       Medical Clinics
1       Community Center

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